Monday, February 21, 2011

Retro Paint

Just before the cyclone hit I got the urge to do a couple of paintings. I did them up intending to bring them to the markets to sell however I have kind of fallen in love with them and want to keep them all, particularly the warhol-inspired space invader one. The single space invader and the pikachu face were a 30cm x 30cm canvas and the coloured space invader one was a 45cm x 45xm canvas. So for now the coloured invaders have found a place on our wall at home. The other two might make it to the markets still since I got a couple of mario themed paintings aswell ;) 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think I am mad.

Ok so I like to fold paper cranes, occasionally I like to make jewelery from them. During a session of making up a few cranes for such jewelery I got the urge to see if I could break my old record of 1.5cm x 1.5cm square which I had done way back in high school (I still have that crane on the front of one of my school diarys).

Well this little picture is a teensy crane I somehow managed to make from a 1cm x 1cm square. Took me a while. It's not as perfect but all the folds are essentially there. Can't really make anything jewelery out of it though :P

Am I crazy?
Do I think this is cool?
Yes :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Reliving the Past

Since I haven’t updated with any new projects in a while (I haven’t even been to the markets the past 2 weeks) I thought I would put up some of my older projects that I have done.

Christmas has just passed and here are a couple of things that I made up for gifts.
Now I've always been a huge Commander Keen fan as has my bf. I got real excited one night when I came up with the idea to make a painting of the signs that you find throughout the first games where you get a raygun.

Screenshot from Keen 1 
While I couldn't get it exactly the same in my image (I had to work with what I had at home as I only had one week before Christmas) I think I didn't do to bad. You at least get the idea. I went searching around town for a watergun that would be able to pass as the raygun but to my dismay I never found any. I ended finding a toy gun (one of those ones that spark when you pull the trigger) and painted it up as close as I could get it to the original. Luckily the shape of the gun I found worked a treat in the end.

Here it is hanging on our wall. 
The next picture was for my bf's lil sister. His whole family adore sonic as they all grew up with it. Since I was still going through my "shrink plastic is the bomb" phase I did up a couple of cool earrings for her.
Sonic and Super Sonic Shrink Plastic Earrings
Last one now is of a bracelet I made for my lil bro. I had been going nuts on my beading loom a few months before. I have all these space invader bracelets made up but I am being too lazy to finish the ends off because I hate doing that part. My brother was over one day and saw the rainbow one and exclaimed how awesome it was so I got my act together and finished one off for him.
Space Invader Loom Bracelet

Monday, February 7, 2011

When a Cyclone Comes to Visit

Ok so everything has been put on hold for the last week or so because of certain events. One cyclone Yasi decided it wanted to visit us all here in Australia. As a result all of my stuff got packed away and downstairs was all moved upstairs incase of flooding. Our place was thankfully spared and power has been restored after 4days (some people are still waiting). SO now comes the task of moving everything back down and putting the house back to the way it was. So unfortunately fun stuff is on hold until then.

Here are a couple of photos anyway of the aftermath around town.

Outside someone elses yard

Down near the beach front here. We were driving on sand.