Sunday, June 26, 2011

More adventures! In craft and in the outdoors.

So I have been rather productive this week for a change. I have finished a heap of things I was working on for my stall AND actually taken photos of them. Which is quite an achievement for me I must say. If you want to check some of them out they are on my facebook page at I am pretty pleased with how my new photos came out :)

In other news I have picked up some rubber and some lino cutting tools. I got excited when I came across some photos of handmade stamps. I immediately wanted to give it a go myself. So after much debate on what I wanted to try to carve for my first stamp I finally settled on kirby. Mainly because I can draw him without actually having to look at anything. Then after some careful carving this was this result.

Turned out pretty good I think for my first go. So now I want to go and make more stamps. Me and my habit of wanting to do everything...

That's all the exciting news in the craft world. In the outside world adventures were also had when we (we being Nick, Nick's bro and his gf). Did a trip to Wallaman falls. This is pretty exciting because I have actually never been there before. It was a 2hr drive there and back but it was so worth it. The falls were amazing! Next time we go we want to walk down to the bottom but we didn't have the time (or the health) that day. We still got to enjoy a little picnic though :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adventure Monday!

What better way then to spend a Monday then with a little adventure!

Nick's lil sis was up visiting from Canberra so his family and I did a little day trip up Paluma range for a picnic at Little Crystal Creek. I love Paluma, it's one of those things I would miss about Townsville if I ever moved. Unfortunately for me though the water was WAY too cold that day to get in. We had a lovely picnic and enjoyed chilling in the afternoon sun (well it was more overcast than sunny that day but it was still nice).

After we filled our bellies with a delicious lunch from Nick's mum we stopped by Frosty Mango for a coffee and cake. I don't drink coffee so I filled up on some chocolate cake Om nom noms. 

Our day was was almost complete but we still had a little adventure still in us so we stopped by Toomulla beach on the way home. There was a huge amount of coral washed up on the shore. It must have happened after the cyclone. I had never seen so much in one place. 

We found a cool crab shell leftover with awesome blue claws. As I was taking this photo though I was thinking to myself that it may have been a a little bit morbid trying to make it look like it was still alive sitting on the rocks haha. I likened it to the olden day pictures they used to take of the deceased propped up with slightly off putting faces. Lets not think about that though because it was a really nice day out and this little crab looks more cute than scary! 

Good times, good times. I think I need more adventures. I have been getting far too comfortable being inside all the time haha!