Monday, July 4, 2011

Stamp CRAZY!

So this past week I have gone a little bit crazy on the stamp front. I got a little bit hooked into just sitting here making a mess and carving these awesome things.

A few friends asked me to make them a pipboy stamp. I was ashamed to not know who pipboy was but after a quick google search it all became clear. I must get around to playing fallout...

Anyway here is a little collection of the recent stamps.

Tripod logo, Space Invader, Boosh Face, Super Meat Boy

Evangelion Nerv Logo for a friend, Max, Kawaii faces, rhicreations

Making the rhicreations logo was a bit tricky that small but I managed to get it in the end. I really loved how my meatboy and max stamp turned out.

In other news I finally got around to finishing a custom order someone made for a Commander Keen set. I was very excited to get to work on these being the avid keen fan that I am.

Dopefish and other keen 1 monsters 
I decided to go with sculpey for the earrings/ring and shrink plastic for the necklace. For the necklace I was able to experiment a little with this new gloss I had been sent from a friend in the USA, "magic-glos" by Lisa pavelka. It was great and worked real well at giving the necklace a little more dimension. It is supposed to be similar to diamond glaze which I have seen many people talking about online. This one sets under a UV light or in sunlight. I was real pleased with the final result.

I had lots of fun with them!