Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Been a While

Wow didn't realise it had been that long since I had updated, time just slips you by. Well I am still alive and kicking. Things are a little slow on the creation side at the moment due to life as usual. I have been keeping at it though with a couple of little bits here and there when I get the chance.

I have gone on a bit of a lucky star craze at the moment. Seriously the amount of stars I have made in the last couple of weeks is ridiculous haha. I have liked making them as I can make them without thinking too much or while I'm watching TV (been hooked into Dollhouse at the moment). So it's perfect for when I come home from work and am too tired to be real creative but still want to feel like I am working on something. This is the latest batch I have just finished coating. Got a couple of ideas for them which will hopefully work out well.

Here are a couple of star earrings I have made up already. These stars a mini ones though made from strips of paper 6mm thick (The batch I just finished was from 1cm strips). These will both be available from my shop. At the moment they are only listed on my Rhicreations Facebook Page but can be ordered from me still (I hope to upload them on zibbet soon, that and a few others).

I really need a chance to sink my teeth into something real soon. I got some ideas buzzing around in my little head but I have been waiting for a good time to really sit down and play. My weekend away in Cairns for 4 days has helped me get some inspiration too :) Nothing like being amazed my some awesome creatures like lions and tigers and bears, OH MY...and rhinos.

 I am still all giddy from being able to pat him! I also got to pat a Cheetah too but I didn't get to have a photo of that. It was still the bomb. 

So yes I better hop to it otherwise this little blog is going to waste away with nothing to put on it! Later gater. 

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