Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adventure Monday!

What better way then to spend a Monday then with a little adventure!

Nick's lil sis was up visiting from Canberra so his family and I did a little day trip up Paluma range for a picnic at Little Crystal Creek. I love Paluma, it's one of those things I would miss about Townsville if I ever moved. Unfortunately for me though the water was WAY too cold that day to get in. We had a lovely picnic and enjoyed chilling in the afternoon sun (well it was more overcast than sunny that day but it was still nice).

After we filled our bellies with a delicious lunch from Nick's mum we stopped by Frosty Mango for a coffee and cake. I don't drink coffee so I filled up on some chocolate cake Om nom noms. 

Our day was was almost complete but we still had a little adventure still in us so we stopped by Toomulla beach on the way home. There was a huge amount of coral washed up on the shore. It must have happened after the cyclone. I had never seen so much in one place. 

We found a cool crab shell leftover with awesome blue claws. As I was taking this photo though I was thinking to myself that it may have been a a little bit morbid trying to make it look like it was still alive sitting on the rocks haha. I likened it to the olden day pictures they used to take of the deceased propped up with slightly off putting faces. Lets not think about that though because it was a really nice day out and this little crab looks more cute than scary! 

Good times, good times. I think I need more adventures. I have been getting far too comfortable being inside all the time haha!


  1. I love adventures like this. I am in need of one myself. The crab picture is really cool! I love it, not morbid, very good!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day!!

  3. Sounds like a fun time for sure! I really love that last picture with the shells ... very nice!

  4. Thanks for sharing your good times!