Monday, August 1, 2011

The evolution of a Market Stall

I was sifting through a bunch of photos I took on the weekend of a Community Fair market I attended and was admiring my little stall. So I went through a few of the other photos I have of my stall which I have taken over the past 6 months. What a sight to see! I have come a long way since my little square table I first used.

So I compiled all the shots I could find of my table's progression so you can see. You might need to click on it to see it better.

I feel a little bit proud :) 


  1. you & your space will continue to evolve too!!! you are doing great! I'm amazed to look back at mine from when I first began too. Wow... what was I thinking back then huh? LOL

  2. Rhi, you SHOULD be proud! Your progress is wonderful and you will just continue to grow!

  3. Thanks everyone :) It's taken me a number of years to finally work up the courage to start something like this and I am so pleased it's going well :)

  4. Wow your stall looks fab :) I love the artwork too.