Friday, February 17, 2012

Duct Tape Can Repair Everything

It's a wide known fact that you can use duct tape to solve every problem in the world (failing that WD40 is the next solution). Today's repairs were done to a favourite pair of shoes of mine which recently broke. 
As you can see from these next pics the shoes look quite fine and there was only a tiny rip to the edge on one of them. No where near enough damage to throw them out!!


I began by reenforcing the edges, especially since that is were the tear first happened. 

After a lot of sticking (and cleaning of the scissors so they would still cut) my shoes have been revamped and looking rather spiffy if you ask me. ;)

Since I was sent two types of tape from my awesome pal I was able to dig up another pair of old shoes and give them some new life. 

Me thinks now that I need to get a few other patterns of tape...This could be dangerous...