Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pixel Action

If you have ever tried to draw a pixelated sprite with a palette of a few colours and limited size you will learn it is not as easy as it looks.  I have always been a fan of sprite art, the ability to make complex images from a few squares is quite ingenious. Which is exactly why I have made these awesome little dudes into some new jewelry for my shop. With the help of the printable shrink plastic I got from my pal in the US I was able to create some cuties. I have claimed some pokemon bobby pins for myself ;) Finishing them off with a resin coating really made them shine too. I am quite happy with their outcome. :D

I also had a lot of fun taking the photos to these playing with some controller/cartridge concepts. These are real controllers that I own ;) The sonic's are also on an old pixel painting I did of a sonic 2 sprite that had been hanging on our lounge room wall. It Actually turned out to be my fav one in the end.

You can check these (and more designs) out on my facebook page (they aren't in my zibbet shop or anything else for that matter yet *sigh*).

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