Monday, January 10, 2011

And so it begins...

I guess I better get this thing rolling with a proper first post hmm?

Well what have I been working on at the moment. Bits and pieces here and there. I have mainly been trying to get some goodies going in my new online shop I have opened. Folding up numerous origami cranes, butterflies and fish for now.

I don't realise how long it takes because I am so used to folding cranes I don't even think about it. I really wish I had a counter for how many paper cranes I have folded in my time haha. I was the phantom crane maker at work at one point as whenever I saw a scrap of paper (I work at a newspaper press site so there is a LOT of scrap paper lying around) it was turned into a crane and placed somewhere around the place. They finally worked out it was me :P that doesn't stop me from making more though.

I have also discovered a massive LOVE for this shrink plastic. My goodness what great stuff this is. For those who haven't used it before. It's a plastic that you can draw on (with pencils, pens, textas) and when you put it in the oven it shrinks and thickens. The particular brand I have been using is called "shrinkles" and it shrinks to just under half the size. I love it as you can draw ANYTHING on it, ANYTHING. Now that is one awesome piece of plastic.

So I have been going a bit mental with this stuff. Lastest creation being a space invader, which I then turned into a necklace charm. I gave this little ditty to my bf and he loves it.

I did up a different design with different colours for the shop so take a peek.

Space Invader Necklaces

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve for this stuff still but gotta find the time to put it into play. In the mean time here are the links to my shop and facebook fanpage.

Rhicreations on Zibbet
Rhicreations on Facebook

I'll be heading back to the markets soon awell so that means getting stuck into it and making lots new things! I better hop too it!

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