Saturday, January 15, 2011

I be making stuffs

So The last few days (when I haven't been stuck at work) I have been busy making a few new things up. 
Of course I have been hooked on the shrink plastic again hahaha. Here are a few little pieces I made. A few more space invaders since I really like them. Going to make a couple more chains and maybe even a ring out of one of them. Wasn't 100% happy with the colour of the controllers so I might try and do them again.

It had also been aaaages since I had brought out the ole sculpey. I thought it was due time I did . So carrying on the mario theme stuff I did up a big fire flower and some stars. Also made a little boo for myself. I really wish I knew a way to completely stop my white sculpey from picking up every single teeny weeny little piece of dirt or colour off my hands. By the time I finish with some white it is more of a grey (or pink if I had been working with red sculpey before hand grrrr). So so frustrating.

I plan on turning the other flowers into some neat rings. I fell in love with the turqoise and purple so that one is being saved for me ;) A couple of little studs too hopefully.
These little snakeys were made for a friend of mine. She loves her snakes. I don't even know how many she has now (at least 12 at the moment due to eggs recently hatching on new years day - good start to the new year for her ;D) So she asked me to see if I could make up some earrings for one of her herp club buddies. This was the result. Since she liked them I did up a yellow and black pair for her. I love the yellow and black jungle pythons they look so neat :)

Nothing has been put together yet as you can obviously see, that's the plan for the next few days. So when they are all put together I'll take some nicer shots of them in my light box.
So that's it for now. Yep there is nothing more...Are you still here? 


  1. Nice work! Those snakes are adorable.

  2. That all looks great! I love the purple and yellow flower!

    I find that washing hands between colour changes of clay helps - yes that does mean a lot of hand washing :p but if you have those skin tight rubber gloves (kind of want to call them surgical gloves - not the washing up kind, do you know the ones I mean :S lol), they're good to keep all the teeny tiny bits of fluff out the white clay too ;) Hope that helps you a little :D

  3. Thanks guys.

    Ruby - Hmm I was thinking about the glove thing before, I was wondering if it would make it a bit more difficult to mould stuff. Sometimes I also keep a rag next to my desk to wipe my hands on between colours. It's the red that's the main killer.